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quartz stone,engineered stone countertops projects

artificial stone including quartz stone(enginnered stone,quartz surface),artificial marble,nano glass stone,terrazo.Because of material and processing ways difference make surface,quality much different.

But different series have difference character,ORCHID STONE only make good qulaity quartz and bring it to difference projects.This is the quartz stone value.

Cabinet counter tops,vanity tops,receiption tops,bar tops should select good quality quartz to make it.And what kind of quartz stone can say is good quality?

That should be hard to be scraped,wont to be polluted,will not get old,could not be burnt,no toxicity and no radiation.Orchid Stone only offer have such quality quartz.Below is projects to share with you.

rose white quartz stone

super white quartz,pure white quartz engineered stone countertops

yellow butterfly quartz stone kitchen countertops,engineered stone quartz worktops

super white quartz surface kitchen tops,vanity tops

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